December 12th 2016

day 12 : just desserts

Lou's Review

GoodBoy 100 Degradable Christmas Pudding Poo Bags

What are they?

Well lets just say that when you do a #2, your will find that your hooman suddenly develops a strange compulsion to pick up your deposit* and normally they refuse to touch the aforementioned deposit with their bare hands which is where these 'poo bags' come into play.

What are they like?

They are fairly thin, thinner than the usual brand my hooman uses but they will serve the purpose - they come with the usual carrying handle but the most unique thing about the bags is that they are decorated with a Christmas pudding design  AND smell of custard (read vanilla!)

Best points?

The novelty factor!

Worst points?

They are a little see through so maybe not as thick as our normal brand.



This extra festive review is not sponsored, the branding and trademarks belong to their respective owners while the words, pictures and poo belong to me - although you are welcome to steal the shit.

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