April 13th 2015

Lou's Review

Asda Hero Rashers 100gm

What are they?

These are bacon rasher-shaped snacks that look surprisingly realistic, well when compared to another hooman type 'crisp' snack! They feel quite (for want of a better word) rubbery but not in a bad way. They are cereal based and the packaging didn't specify the meat content but did contain smoke oil for an authentic 'bacon' smell.

What were they like?

These were very tasty - so tasty in fact - that I tried to eat them before the official photograph had been taken! That didn't go down too well with my hooman *winks* But it did go down well with me!!! I loved these and the packet hasn't lasted that long, which is a sure sign they are GOOD!!!

Would you buy them again?

If I was allowed in the supermarket I would, but as they bar dogs for 'hygiene' reasons I guess I can't can I??? Well unless I befriend a helpful guide dog of course!
Seriously, I would get these again - can't wait to try some of the other products in their range!



Begging Rating

5 Paws!!!

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