April 9th 2015

Giz a bunk-up!

Had a great adventure today, managed to lose my ball into the canal three times

Anyone would think I was doing it on purpose - especially when I gave my best Oscar-winning helpless dog act. My hoomans fell for it every time

Only a pity they didn't FALL in too.
Now that would have been funny (for me at any rate!)

Now I sound like the bad guy here, right?

Well listen up ...

The first time I had them climbing down the bare, steep bank to rescue me, I'd got in but couldn't jump out again, they had to first grab my tennis ball (not easy as I refuse to leave it behind but tend to drop it back in on being pulled out so best to wrestle it off me) to throw up the bank, before they could grab my collar - although the excitement of the ball being thrown helped me find the energy to get out myself BOL

On the second occasions, I'd got into the canal and had got stuck AGAIN.
But this time when I'd run down the bank after my ball, I'd disturbed a grass snake that raced (?) away into the canal. My hooman saw this and grabbed their camera - far more interested in taking pictures of it - than rescuing ME.

grass snake

violets in full bloom

rape just beginning to flower

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