June 8th 2015

Lou's Review

Essentials from HiLife, fangtastic! seasonal chews

 What is it?

A sausage shaped treat made from rice flour and colourants, wrapped in a rawhide 'pastry'

What was it like?

I attacked this with relish (not literally relish as that is served with burgers not hot dogs!) and it kept me occupied for quite a while. The sausage was edible (I often reject these 'coloured' treats)

Would you buy it again?

Maybe ... once in a while ... I left pieces of rawhide and a very suspicious looking chunk of that sausage that looked to be something else lying on the floor - my hooman had to look twice at it BOL



Begging Rating


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1 comment:

  1. If you say it is,good...we'll have some! We need 7, please!