March 9th 2015

Lou's Review
Fred & Ginger Scooby Snacks 120g

What are they?

Great Dane shaped snacks made from cereals, meat and animal derivatives (21% chicken/5% beef) oil and fats. Contain preservatives and colourants.

What are they like?

These seemed quite dry for a 'meaty' type snack but they initially went down well. Have to admit I got a bit bored of them later on when I realised there were better things on offer - the packaging makes them look more special than they actually are.

Would you buy them again?

Cannot find any trace of these online (apart from 1 site) so we guess they must be end of the line.
Or a start to a mystery perhaps? ...


About £1

Begging Rating


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1 comment:

  1. Mr. Moo would eat the colorful package.