March 16th 2015 nerf

Lou's Review

Nerf Tuff Tug

 What is it?

This is a durable rubber 'rugby' ball attached to a tugger rope and designed to be an interactive toy

What was it like?

Brilliant fun while my hooman played with me; loved holding onto the rubber grip as you can see (the ball was way too big for me to get into my mouth) but when left to my own devises I chewed the ball so the rope wasn't attached and promptly rendered it useless as a tugger toy. I still played with the ball for a few days afterwards, using it as a chew toy (That rubber IS durable apart from those end bits!)

Would you buy it again?

This is great fun! It would last for ages if my hoomans had taken it off me after each play. So if we see this again, we would buy a replacement!



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