March 23rd 2015

Lou's Review
Webbox Liver Sizzlers 150g

What are they?

Flat, moist squares made with fresh liver (albeit only a minimum 4%!) meat & animal derivatives, cereals, derivatives of vegetable origins (is that a posh word for the peelings?!?) various sugars, minerals and permitted antioxidants, preservatives and colours.

What are they like?

Delicious!!! I had scoffed (that's slang for eaten) the lot in the photo before the end of the photo shoot and was still begging for more - I've BOL
My hooman thinks they look like a meaty version of After Eights but I can assure you they are not minty in the least!  

Would you buy them again?

I'm racing to the shops now ...



Begging Rating


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  1. Are you going to share? BOL! Drools. ..